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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 11, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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stay with the fox news channel for continuing coverage of putin's war on ukraine. stay tuned, the ingraham actle is up next, let not your heart be troubled. see you back here on monday. >> laura ingram: i'm laura ingraham and this is the ingram angle live from washington tonight. we were hoping for some progress in the negotiations between ukraine and russia. but sadly, the scenes from kyiv tonight are grim. remember that convoy outside of the city, it dispersed and now we know the plan was to set up multiple positions going to the ukrainian capital. our team on the ground is reporting the heaviest and most consistent shelling of this conflict. and there are fears that the russian military is beginning the final push to overwhelm
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ukraine. let's go live to kyiv where trey has the latest developments there. trey? >> good evening. we've heard the heaviest shelling in the up cantal of kyiv since this conflict began. most of it is taking place on the outskirts of city to the north and to the east. this is significant because that 40 mile long convoy was situated to the northwest of kyiv. it's since broke b up and redeployed to many of the neighboring towns according to the satellite images. we were in one of the towns outside of the city limits today looking a the destruction and devastation there. it is wide spread and it is significant. take a look. >> 63-year-old vitali is one of the many vulnerable residents stuck in the besieged ukrainian town. while he hears russian shells exploding nearby, he can't see the destruction they cause. >> i'm blind. i cannot see anything. i'm absolutely blind. >> with no shops or markets
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open, it's hard enough to get supplies. for vitali, it's nearly impossible. >> i hear some explosions, scared as everyone else. but what can i do? >> we're deep inside the ukrainian town. it's controlled by russian forces an it this moment and shelling different ukrainian positions in the distance trying to increase the territorial gains. >> it looks will like a ghost town. splintered buildings line the street, the aftermath of attacks on residential areas, evidence of indiscriminate shelling and air strikes. >> on the front lines, they're flattening neighborhoods part of the scorched campaign used by the russians to kill civilians and push people out of the way to move their troops forward and advance on the capital of kyiv. >> tonight, kyiv is bracing for more violence on the outskirts of the city. there's a real understanding the russian troops in the coming days could move in and fight many of the ukrainian forces who
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have hard defensive lines set up around the city. laura? >> trey, stay safe. thank you. >> and ukrainians' defense of kyiv thus far has been nothing short of heroic. but it's important to put russia's slow advance in context. now, back in 2003, it took u.s. and coalition forces three weeks to take baghdad in the iraq war. we're just entering the third week of this conflict. so what can we expect in the days ahead. senior fellow at the hudson institute and dr. robert spalding, retired air force brigadier general. peter, russia is encircling kyiv. we knew this would happen from the north and the east. so, is there some type of rough timeline for how long the ukrainian capital can actually stave them off? >> well, that's difficult to say. clearly with the way he has his forces, putin sees kyiv as a
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center of gravity in this campaign. he's telegraphing the same type of warfare he leveled in recent days and weeks against mariopole in that city with terrific images out of there may be coming to kyiv as well. entering the third week of the war. i will draw your viewers' attention to one additional team, the southern city of odessa yet to be faced with heavy warfare. it's ukraine's artery to the broader world, 60% to 70% of ukraine's trade travels through the black sea and odessa institutes the overwhelming majority of that. so, as vladimir putin makes major gains in the south, if he's able to cut that artery, no matter what develops in kyiv in the north, president zelensky amounts wholly dependent on western aid. it's difficult to say. but there are multiple theaters the ukrainians have to defend. if there's been low morale, even
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if they're having logistical problems, ukraine is defending on all fronts. >> general spalding, russian missiles hit western ukraine today. but the pentagon isn't sure of what to make of it, watch. >> our assessment is they struck a couple of airfields in the west. >> what it means, what it portends, where the russians are going with this, we don't really know. >> is that a marginal change or a reflective widening of their efforts? >> again, it's too soon to know. >> general, there's this thought that there was only kyiv they cared about. looks like that's the case. >> well, i think what they're trying to do is make sure that we don't have any resupplies going in to different areas to enable kyiv to stop being under siege. so, they're -- and this is exactly what we would be doing -- they're trying to prevent any resupply of kyiv. so their siege will be successful. >> well, at this point, when you -- you think about the sheer
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military might of russia, even with everything they did not expect with the herrism and bravery of the ukrainian people holding out, zelensky captured the world's attention, this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. a lot worse, correct? >> absolutely. we're talking about devastation in kyiv and a lot of major cities in ukraine and, you know, that's putin's goal is to essentially crush the -- the resolve of the ukrainian people just like he did in chechnya and just like he did in syria. >> now, peter, i want to bring up something that hasn't been discussed much today, which is a potential role we see for china to come to the rescue as an immediate yea tore here. so, it looks like in an
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interview with spanish newspaper el mun doe last week, the european union sworn policy chief said he was in favor of china mediating the peace talks. there is no al tern ty, he said. we can't be the mediators, that's clear. it can't be the u.s. either. who else? it has to be china? >> peter, i find this extremely concerning. >> i think that betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of china's position in the world stage and role in this conflict. it's true that the europeans and the united states stand on one side of this conflict. but russia is a stocking horse for china as well. russia and china are moving in alignment if not all together in an alliance. they issued a major statement when putin visited xi before the olympics and had a long multi-hour tete-a-tete with the chinese president talking about endless possibilities in their lines. they spoke to each other as the closest of friends on the world
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stage. so the mediator is absolutely silly. this is the point. i think it shows that joseph burrell, the head of the european union foreign service has little understanding of how the chinese behave on the international stage. >> laura ingram: thank you tonight. and while most americans stand behind ukraine's struggle to protect democracy, it was a few years ago that top ukrainian officials were working to undermine our own on behalf of democrats. as paul sperry reminds us, the improper if not illegal operation was run chiefly out of the ukrainian embassy in washington where officials worked hand in glo with activists and clinton campaign activist to attack the trump campaign. but it turns out the collusion predated the election, sperry reports. the coordination between ukrainian and democratic officials can be traced back to at least january, 2014 when top
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obama diplomats began engineering regime change in kyiv, installing the ukrainian leader that i could control. now, you might recognize some of the individuals involved in this scheme, chiefly jake sullivan and victoria newland, both of whom, now, served in the biden administration. now, new lapd just made headlines this week by testifying she was worried about ukrainian biolabs falling in russian hands. january 27, 2014, on the phone to the ambassador to ukraine plotting regime change in the country. >> start to glue it, help the u.n. to glue it. and, you know, the eu. >> and, exactly, we have to do something to make it stick together because you can be sure if it does start to gain altitude, the russians will work behind the scenes to try to torpedo it. >> when i wrote the note, sullivan came back to me saying you need biden. and i said probably tomorrow for an atta boy and to get the deeds
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to stick. so, biden is willing. >> as paul sperry notes, newland's involvement wasn't limited to phone calls. she was on the ground in kyiv organized protests against the pro russian government. it paid off, that regime was overthrown and a pro western government took his place. the ukrainians paid the favor by working hand in glove with the democrats to dig up dirt on trump and sway the 2016 election to hillary clinton. that's what they wanted. joining me now is paul sperry, investigative reporter for real clear politics. what does it tell us about ukraine as it is in our stance as it was today. >> and, by the way, good evening, laura. there's a lot of politics behind this crisis and it's important to put it in historic context,
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starting in 2014 when obama appointed biden as his point man in ukraine. and his team of advisors and diplomats engineers a regime change in kyiv and installed essentially a client state for democrats there. and as you said, they were caught on tape trying to push out the president at the time because they felt that he was too friendly with russia. victoria newland who you mentioned as well, she was over there handing out sandwiches to the rioters in that revolution. and then, of course, putin took that u.s. meddling as a threat. and within months, he was invading crimea. so, that's the back story up until 2016, and, so, then in 2016, biden's people helped hillary weaponize ukraine to try
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to derail trump's campaign. and ukraine went along with it because they were getting billions of dollars in aid from biden and they honestly thought that democrats would do a better job of protecting them from russia. but that was a bad debt -- >> laura ingram: that was wrong. >> that was a bad -- and that has tragically backfired. >> laura ingram: i want to get to another part of what you wrote about christopher steele. christopher steele of the dossier fame, provided newland with written reports on the ukrainian crisis in russia. and between the spring of 2014 and 2016, she received some 120 reports on ukraine and russia. from steele. now why was steele providing these reports for a state department official about ukraine and russia, paul? explain that? >> steele's involvement goes way back. he was also informing on the
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ukrainian president to the fbi at the same time. and then providing these documents, these memos and reports similar type of dossier, which we now know that his dossier has been discredited on trump and so-called russia conclusion. but he was very influential to what was going on with the regime change in ukraine at the time. and was whispering in the ear of newland and the state department. >> back in 2014, people think -- 2016 phenomenon. this predated all of that. so she actually defended jen psaki, newland's regime change plotting in ukraine, watch. >> no secret that ambassador piet and assistant secretary newland have been working with the government of ukraine with the opposition and civil society leaders to support the efforts and shouldn't be a surprise if
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at any point there have been discussions about recent points and offers and what is happening on the ground. remains the case that it's up to the ukrainian people themselves to decide their future. >> laura ingram: it was eight years ago. astounding how key biden officials were connected to this effort. old home team here. >> the whole cast of characters. you have biden, blinkin, newland, michael carpenter is back. jake sullivan, of course. and these are the people that led the ukrainians in to this crisis and now they're having a new line to get them out of the crisis. >> laura ingram: paul, is there one super talented individual in the list that you just rattled off of individuals? any -- >> well, jake sullivan has the most influence. he's the master of disaster in afghanistan.
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>> laura ingram: yeah, i mean, this is not jv. this is not -- this is not pee-wee league. i don't think they make it to the field in most teams, most sports scenarios. >> it seems like amateur hour. >> laura ingram: oh, ridiculous. paul, great to see you tonight. an important piece that explains how we got here. >> americans agree, they are willing to even sacrifice themselves by paying more at the pump. >> i think it's also true that the world needs to be prepared for a very long, difficult road ahead. >> there will be costs as well here in the united states. >> as biden and his team demand that we sacrifice, it's worth asking, to what end? how much suffering are middle class americans expected to endure now. knowing that we have untapped resources here to address the problems with energy. joining me now is jd vance, republican, ohio senate candidate. j.d., you noted it's one thing to support sanctions as a punitive response to invasion. it's quite another to ask americans to support them
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without knowing what the end goal in europe is given the support that russia got through the nordstream involvement alone. >> exactly right, laura. republicans, we talked a lot about the fact that biden is weak and we have the ukraine crisis we have. and it turns out that he's an idiot. the one thing you don't want to do in a global commodity market that is controlled by russia is drive the costs higher and higher. and, so biden acts tough by be not buying russian oil. but in reality, we're not producing our own oil, that's driving the cost of oil on the world-wide market higher and higher which means who benefits, right? who gets richer from that? vladimir putin gets richer from that. i'm kind of sick, if i'm honest with you, of the regime of the biden regime asking americans to sacrifice when we have our own oil at home, we have our own
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resources at home. they just refuse to exploit them. it's one thing to ask americans to take it on the chin. it's another thing to do it when it's not necessary, right? we don't benefit from this. and i don't think the ukrainians do either. >> j.d. it becomes like a -- they're sanctioning russia, but with their incompetence or their purposeful radicalism, combination of the two, they're punishing americans. and they have been punishing americans for 14 straight months, nonstop. this is just one more type of punishment. they don't want americans to travel anywhere they want any time they want. they never liked that. they liked european's gas prices more than ours. and they want to bring it back to global equity and even it all out. i really believe it's just like with the lockdowns, they preferred people staying in and ordering uber eats. it saves the planet and no one has that pesky freedom stuff to deal with.
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>> americans were asked to sacrifice a lot, sacrifice for covid, our freedoms, our children's psychological health. and now we're being asked to sacrifice when it's not necessary for us to accomplish any american objective. you have to ask yourself, at what point does the biden administration stop asking americans to sacrifice and i enable us to live good lives in our own country. at the end oaf the day, we need to be focusing on our own problems, biden talks about sacrificing for a country 6,000 miles away. what about southern border, what about the leading cause of death being fentanyl overdoses among 18 to 45-year-olds. there are a lot of problems, if he wants to sack i r fies, he should focus on the problems at home. >> laura ingram: he does urge us to spend billions and billions, as do republicans defending ukraine's borders.
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we found that 59,011 deportations were the lowest total since 1995, okay, we've got that, we have the fentanyl pouring in. we have west point cadet in the hospital tonight because of fentanyl-laced some type of drug that they were taking parting in horrific -- coupling the critical condition, tens of thousands of americans have died because of fentanyl. all from china. we're still playing this game on, you know, globalization and not decoupling from china. it's obscene. >> yeah, all from china ships to the mexican border. you're right. we're still dependent on chinese to manufacture things. we've done sanctions on the russians but we don't touch the chinese reliance. the fact we rely on them for so many things. sanction the chinese if we go after the russians, the chinese are a bigger threat. you know what's so sick about
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this, laura? republicans refuse to give dodged trump $4 billion for a border wall for four years, they gave joe biden $14 billion for ukrainian aid in a week. what does that say about the priorities even when congressional republicans refuse to fund their own border wall but fine with sending tons of noun a country 6,000 miles away. >> laura ingram: the military industrial complex, isn't that what eisenhower called it? >> he did. >> laura ingram: they don't make as much money on the border. j.d., great to see you tonight. now back to ukraine where we get reports on the first russian missile strikes on the western part of the country. greg palkot is standing by in the city of lviv near the polish border with the latest developments. greg, what's the situation tonight? >> that's absolutely right, laura, the war got a little wider and more brutal on friday. two air bases hit in western ukraine.
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that's exactly where we are right now it's thought these sites are playing a role to get crucial military aid to the military. they are not far from the poland border. we figured as russian missile strikes were aimed at constructing all that, maybe even trying to cut it off. there's a first ever attack of the city in the center of the country. they're thinking that city, if it was taken by russians, the ukraine military overall could be split in two. and that would further lessen, obviously, their effectiveness. this as the siege at the capital city of kyiv, that's tightening. what we have there, laura, is that the column of russian troops and armor we've been talking about literally for weeks now is beginning to disperse and set into shooting positions the population of the city is getting ready. and the flow of refugees from ukraine, the horror of the war, it's now up to 2.5 million people who have left the country
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and we saw hundreds coming out today as we came back in. as the talk of cease-fires and humanitarian corridors continues, really to no effect. back to you. >> greg, thank you. going to continue to bring you the breaking developments out of ukraine as they come in. but, now, soft on china, tough on america. that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> laura ingram: so, as we were just talking about with jd, china is blanketing our country with fentanyl killing tens of thousands of americans every day as it imprisons hundreds of thousands of muslims in re-education camps, and it jails dissidents and forces christians to go underground. american ceos keep quiet so they can get rich there. jpmorgan's jamie die mon, tim cook, jamie bastion, they all come to mind. but these same individuals and many more like them have had no
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problems condemning perceived inequities in our own countries, especially in republican states. indeed, it's a right of spring that elites express outrage and moral indignation about something happening in a red state. last april, it was the manufactured controversy about georgia's then new election integrity law. ceos expressed a disapproval on social media. and the virtue signaling buffoons at major league baseball actually moved the all-star game from atlanta to denver over the issue, total swing and miss. of course, the year before that was the death of george floyd and the new mantra of the liberal power players that american law enforcement was all systemically racist. >> we have to rethink the nature of policing in america and reform our broken and racist
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criminal justice system. >> the action to the american people to speak out against that specifically manifested in police brutality. >> finally declaring in one voice that, yes, black lives matter. >> now the fancy people are upset again. this time about florida's legislation barring the teaching of gender identity and sexual propaganda to kindergarteners through third grade. they're also fuming over a texas law declaring a number of sex change procedures for children as abusive. 60 companies, including google, facebook, and disney have taken a bold public stand against texas and florida measures, claiming they are inhumane and discriminatory. now, this is one of the largest employers in from florida first it was silent on parental rights and education bill. but they eventually caved to the demands of the liberal mob. disney halted all political
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donations in florida over the bill. and ceo bob chappik had to prostrate himself at the woke altar. >> i called to express disappointment and concern that if legislation becomes law, it could be used to unfairly target gay, lesbian, nonbinary and transgender kids and families. >> laura ingram: false, what hypocrites. disney does not care about minority rights or human rights. because if it did, they wouldn't be cozying up to one of the most repressive regimes on the planet. china. projects there for disney include the $5.5 billion spent developing shanghai disney and the expansion of the smaller park in hong kong and the launching of the meg tv channel, the disney channel in china, very important to them. somehow, disney's deep pain and concern disappears when money is on the line.
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or, does disney have an exception to the compassion meter when actual physical torture is involved. an activist shareholder named paul cheshire called out disknee at the annual meeting saying while the rest of the corporate world is running away from the stigma of slavery, disney is praising the local communists. disney executives say they will not produce any new films in russia due to vladimir putin's aggression in ukraine. since when do esg principles mean you get to support genocidal regimes in asia but most oppose clonal warmongering in europe. seems like cognitive dissonance to me. disney is so in bed with china it conducted a proposal to conduct an annual evaluation of how human rights are impacted by the business dealings within foreign countries. now, we all know what's going on here. they mouth these liberal
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platitudes to placate the wokesters and activists left here and those at home, they feel good for a while. and then they fall over themselves to apiece china in order to expand their market share. it's not just disney, many of the other fortune 500 companies are guilty of this as well. they're bought and paid for, come police it, like the biden family. the white house, of course, came out vociferously against florida's parental rights bill, lying about what it is. but a few decades ago, senator biden actually agreed with that idea. so, reporters circled back to jen psai today on the biden 180-degree evolution. >> why did he do ha? can you describe how his thinking has evolved over the years. >> i think you have seen the president speak passionately about his view that a bill like this, a bill that would discriminate against families, against kids, put these kids in
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a position of not getting the support they need at a time where that's exactly what they need is discriminatory, it's a form of bullying. it is horrific. i mean, the president has spoken to that. >> she never described china to that. witness refuses to answer the question. >> is that the same policy, though, written in the ' 0s when we were all in school? >> i think what's important to note here is how outspoken the president has been against discrimination, against kids, against members of the lgbtqi plus community and what we're looking at is a bill that would propagate misinformed hateful policies and impact children. >> she will not answer the question. you know why? she can't. >> laura ingram: the florida bill is imminently reasonable. in fact, it doesn't go far enough. why should public schools teach children controversial sexual subjects at all.
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why sit controversial at all to believe this. the answer is it's not. >> companies that have made a fortune off of being family friendly and catering to families and young kids, they should understand that parents of young kids do not want this inge jekted into their kids' kindergarten classroom. they're going to criticize the fact that we don't want transgenderism in kindergarten and first grade classrooms, if that's the hill they're going to die on, how do they explain lining their pockets with the relationship from the communist party of china? >> laura ingram: boom. it's politically very smart for governor desantis to stand firm and to call out this moral posturing for what it is -- the flaccid ceos may cowher at the radicals' slightest complaints, but conservatives never should. if democrats think these are such winning issues for them, i encourage them to run on them in november. then they'll see just what
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american parents think about the moral duplicity. and that's the angle. joining me now is florida lieutenant governor, jeanette nunes. lieutenant governor nunes, this is the most ridiculous distortion of what a piece of legislation is and what it would do that i've seen in quite sometime. plus, the left is really brilliant at branding things in a way that makes those who disagree with them seem totally mean and biassed. your reaction to this story. >> the radical left and jen psaki are too busy regurgitating the same old talking points. they should read the bill. this bill is about parental rights, making sure children are not intoktrynated. my parents came to cuba fleeing communism, the very thing we're trying to avoid. kids were being intoktrynated,
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they were made wards of the state. we're firm here in florida under governor desantis' leadership that we want to protect our children and we want to give parents the ultimate decision making from everything from their education to their healthcare. that is something that we pride ourselves on. and if people would simply read the bill, they would see this is something all parents, myself included, agree with strenuously. >> laura ingram: it's not even a left/right issue. this is a common sense issue. these are little children. we're supposed to protect their innocence, not try to push a world view or indocketrynate them into some viewpoint, whatever the viewpoint may be, political or otherwise. that's the problem i have with it. it's not up to the teachers to do. i can't imagine your legislation stops at 3rd grade. i don't think this is the role of the schools at all. and i think most moms and dads across the country, i imagine they would agree with that. i mentioned something else earl
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earlier, "the new york post" reporting tonight that six west point football players on spring break in florida overdosed on fentanyl-laced cocaine leaving two in critical condition, according to authorities. lieutenant governor nunes, these woke ceos are worried about a parental rights bill. meanwhile, they will never criticize china for all that it's doing on human rights and making sure that fentanyl works its way into the united states that comes oh it of china. that's something to be morally outraged by. >> indeed, the feckless ceos of the woke corporations are bowing down to the altar of the ccp. they will not fight. and they will simply come back. they will criticize our legislation. they will try to bully us like the ncaa did, like disney is doing. how dare they? they have no right to criticize the legislation by duly elected legislators that are passing common sense legislation to
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criticize and to threaten governor desantis and i won't stand for it. we're proud -- in the free state of florida, we put parents and their rights first. >> laura ingram: great to you have you on the show. hope you come back soon. kyiv is suffering the worst shelling of the conflict. we'll bring you the news. but first, biden administration recruits ticktockers to produce their propaganda. not kidding. while nancy pelosi is focused on the country. the video is in seen and unseen with raymond arroyo, next.
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>> laura ingram: it's friday, time for friday follies. a fox news contributor raymond arroyo. all right, ray. the democrats did hold the big retreat this week and they are
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retreating -- well, sort of. i want to know where nancy pelosi's mind is. >> this was a remarkable few days because it was -- it was for the people. but it was it was about ukraine. it just -- others here have talked about ukraine and how what our responsibility is there to those people. they are fighting for their country. they are fighting for democracy. >> flava crayona. she has affection for fighting for a country until americans do it and then she insists they're all insurrectionists. many of these were blame shifting. replacing trump with putin. putin caused gas prices and inflation. i'm waiting for jussie smollett
7:40 pm
to blame the two nigerians that beat him up. >> laura ingram: nancy loses me when she talks and the hands go in directions that don't correspond. >> don't comport with anything being said. i know. >> laura ingram: interesting. >> ukraine is the focus of the biden administration now, laura, we're sending them $13 billion who know where is that money is going and if it will reach the people. now the administration is holding briefings for tiktok influencers. why are they encouraging the use of a chinese media platform from a regime supporting putin. i don't understand this. no matter. jen psaki and officials held a ukraine zoom call who quickly followed orders and parroted the bottom line. >> a zoom call at the white house about the situation in ukraine. >> they acknowledge this exists for crises throughout the world and encouraged us as content creators to highlight issues as
7:41 pm
they arise. >> we're seeing the united states sanctions on russia work. the united states didn't cause this war, russia did. i'm grateful for what america has done thus far. >> those sanctions are working like a charm, laura. putin backed off to siberia. this whole tikt o k thing is a joke. one is a girl who just dances. that's all she does, just dangses. so i guess she's going to do some kind of dramatic dance for ukraine. but they claim this is to beat back misinformation. though, psaki was recorded telling the assembled that russia hackled our elections in 2016 despite no evidence of that at all. this is shameless propagandaizing of the young. one of the participants described it as a press briefing for kindergarteners, more like toddler talking points for trot skiites. >> when mike pompeo said on this show three or four years ago,
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don't download the tiktok app on their phone, did people not understand what that meant? was that confusing to people? yeah. this is -- this is kind of in line with the kamala harris level of discourse, the tiktok influencers. it's soviet how they bring them in and tell them basically what to say. then they have the script in front of them when they're speaking. it's like, that's their dear leader moment. but jen psaki is the leader. not the first time that psaki has invited the influencers into the white house. who can forget this moment? >> democracy is calling. >> hi, my name is cooper and this is the day in the life as a white house intern. >> hey, jenny. i booked you a nail appointment, love. >> i didn't tell you to do that. >> it's call initiative. >> the image of strength and confidence we want to project to the world in a war, laura. joe biden spoke of the
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democratic retreat today after previewing world war iii, he wandered into domestic affairs and prued a couple of things, not only does biden contradict himself, listen closely, but the democrats have a high tolerance of pain and incoherence. >> we're stronger today than we were a year ago. america was flat on its back. it was the democrats, you brought us back. we have some republican friends to help on the recovery -- on the -- excuse me, on the infrastructure act. where are you? they're in pittsburgh. anyway -- pittsburgh. headline, fact checker in "the new york times." republicans wrongly blame biden for rising gas prices. don't let anybody tell you anything you did supported the idea that we'd block russian oil coming into the country. i said in the time, prices are going to go up for gasoline. it wasn't anything we did.
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and the idea of can we -- can we pump more oil? there are now -- now five -- we have to do this -- we have to do this. we have to ask -- we have to ask the biggest -- those are the biggest corporations to pay very little to raise their hand. who can make $1 billion, forgod sake, pay your fair share for damn it. right now. >> pay your fair share for damn it. >> laura ingram: for damn it? >> incoherence, weakness, that's what the world sees. it's a tragedy and it goes on and on. >> laura ingram: no wonder they're asking xi to do the negotiations between ukraine and russia. both sides saying what did he just say? what did he just say? >> i don't know what he's saying half the time. >> laura ingram: as they clammer for more aid to defend democracy abroad, who's left in washington
7:45 pm
to defend our democracy? dineshd souza for a story in the january 6 committee. who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. out here, you're more than just a landowner. you're a gardener. a landscaper. a hunter. because you didn't settle for ordinary. same goes for your equipment. versatile, powerful, durable kubota equipment. more goes into it.
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>> laura ingram: this day has been used to target trump supporters, surveil them,
7:50 pm
criminalize speech. what we're witnessing at all levels of society run by liberals a new red scare. instead of targeting marxists, they're targeting americans in red states. a trump rally or posted on facebook against mail-in ballots, you could be seen as a potential shl domestic terrorist. and just as we predicted the january 6 investigation is being used to criminalize gop fundraising and rallies. that's "the washington post" is gleefully reporting, officials at the committee arguing the fundraising and political appeals leading up to january 6 are a reason the pro jump mob stormed the capitol. host of the dineshd asks another souza podcast this, is obvious, they wanted to intimidate traditional americans from gathering together, banding together, and continuing this
7:51 pm
populist movement? >> absolutely. they're acting as if there's something inherently unpatriotic if not subversive in questioning the results of an election. this is coming from democrats who questioned vehemently the rules of the 2016 election. they contested the electoral counts, they called on the electorals not to cast votes for trump. come to think of it, it's the same democrats who question both the bush elections of 2000 and 2004. you would have is go back to 1988 to find democrats fully accepting the results of a presidential election they lost. >> well, dinesh, they use the worder "insurrectionist" quite freely, even against people who never went into the capitol, even people who went to hear president trump speak, didn't even make it to the capitol. they're also branded as
7:52 pm
insurrectionists. you hear interviews with these people, more elderly people. like this has ruined my life. and mean this is a vindictiveness about this against anyone who happened to be in the vicinity and supported president trump. >> i think this is the key point. they started out by doing a kind of focus on the people who went in the capital. then they began to harass the people who just went to washington. and now it's open season on anybody in the country who aligns themselves with trump. look, they know that there's wide spread suspicion on the republican side. and wide spread kind of anxiety about what really happened in the 2020 elections. they are hanging on to the premise this was the most secure election in history. now, that is actually not true. i have concrete evidence it's not true. i would like to present that
7:53 pm
evidence. i would love to be called. my only condition is they have a big screen available so i can play some videos when they call me some testify. >> laura ingram: it's important to remind people of what "the new york times" reported last month, dinesh. the committee issued more than 100 subpoenas including broad ones to banks, as well as telecom and social media companies armed with reams of telephone records and meta data, the committee used links that former fbi agents say is key to identifying terrorist networks in the years after september 11. dinesh, they truly are more frightened of trump supporters than they are of actual terrorists today. >> i would go further. they're frightened of the truth. if someone wins the race fair and square, they will be happy to have all kinds of post facto examinations and audits.
7:54 pm
but the fact that the democrats not only hate those things, try to stop them, but have encouraged a wall of digital sensorship to shut down any discussion of the topic shows that they're terrified not of misinformation, not of lies, but of the truth coming out. >> they're trying to frighten people way from donating to campaigns. that's what this is all about, shaming them away from donations. to not let them do that to you, no matter what political party you support. dinesh, thank you. unbelievable dash cam video shows how a police officer saved countless lives. you will not want to miss this, the last bite, next.
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do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? qunol sleep formula combines 5 key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol. >> laura ingram: florida highway patrol trooper toni shock put herself between bystanders and about of control drunk driver. the bash cam footage, stunning.
8:00 pm
we are happy to report she's okay. saying, i was sworn to protect and that's what i felt i did. god bless her. get your freedom matters gear at laura all of the proceeds, the wonderful hats gochlt to charity. this month it's samaritan's purse doing great work in ukraine. shannon breem, next. >> shannon: welcome to fox news at night, i'm shannon bream in washington. >> we're going to check in with our co-host in a minute. breaking tonight, saturday morning is dawning a new


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